We are creating the world’s leading energy company that will provide a substantial contribution to the global environment, economy and to the welfare of humanity. We are creating viable solutions to the environmental crisis by developing zero carbon emission technologies that solve some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

We are developing energy systems to harness the immense and consistent power in offshore low altitude wind combined with the power of subsea oceanic pressure to provide reliable, low-cost clean electrical energy, energy storage and fresh water.


Lee King


Mircea Calarasu

Systems Engineer

Przemyslaw Winiecki

Subsea Systems Engineer

Roederer Rose Lyne

Energy Systems Engineer

Ercument Alyanak

Aerodynamics Systems Engineer

Stuart Elliot

Creative Director

Alfonso Aigbekaen

Business Analyst


  • Electrifying and decarbonising the World
  • By 2025 to alleviate the world’s water shortages by supplying 5000 MIGD of fresh water globally
  • Decarbonising 15% of Dubai’s desalination capacity prior to Expo2020 (50 MIGD)
  • Building our installed power capacity to 20 GW by 2030
  • Generating over 10 TWh per year of electrical energy by 2025
  • Creating a renewable power system that can reliably match real-time energy demand